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Forward all mail to office365 mail servers

Dec 29 19 11:54 am

I use this method using a windows smtp forward.

https://wiki.esko.com/display/KBA/KB786 ... il+account

how do I do the similar thing using wingate smtp??

Re: Forward all mail to office365 mail servers

Jan 03 20 11:33 am


you can set all mail to be delivered via any specified server.

1. Navigate in WinGate Management to WinGate > Email.
2. In the task panel (bottom left) click on "Mail Settings"
3. Select the Delivery tab
4. Under "Remote Delivery" select the drop-down for How to deliver. Choose "Use Gateway".
5. Enter the smtp server to deliver to

Anything already in the delivery queue won't be redirected as this affects new items added to the delivery queue only.
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