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Wingate still supported.

Jan 16 20 7:29 pm

Is Wingate still being supported???? It's been close to a year since the last update to Wingate and I can't
see spending money on version protection if there aren't going to be anymore updates. So what's
happening with Wingate?????


Re: Wingate still supported.

Jan 20 20 10:12 am

Hi Wes

Apologies for the delay responding.

Yes, WinGate is still being actively developed, we've been working on 2 branches of the code - a maintenance release for 9.4 which we expect to release soon, as well as a new features branch.


Adrien de Croy

Re: Wingate still supported.

Jan 20 20 7:34 pm


Thanks for the reply. I was getting a little worried there.
I will be renewing for another year.

Have a good day,

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