Automatically delete expired certificate and import new

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Automatically delete expired certificate and import new

Postby adamp » Mar 05 20 3:04 am

Hi Everyone

I have been using wingate for about 6 months now and have been using it as a proxy to back end web servers. It has been good so far but I am having to renew the ssl certifiacte on the client and also import it in to wingate when they expire. I have posh-acme configured on the clients which takes care of renewing the certificates when they expire but cant seem to get https working just on the client certificate alone, I always have to import the .pfx file in to wingate and restart the wingate server in order for them to update.

What I am looking for is a solution to automate this process, ideally a way of not having to import the pfx or pem certificates in to wingate or a way of automatically importing them on a scheduled event. I have looked at Lua scripts but I am unfamiliar with the language and wouldnt know where to start.

any help at all would be appreciated.

Since I have found out how to interact with the shell commands so restarting wouldnt be an issue. Is there a command line to import certificates?
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