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block downloads

Postby ashavez » Apr 24 20 4:21 pm

HI ,

im new in all this with wingate .My company changed to that and now no clue how to block downloads. Ive been reading all the post here about it but the all really old. and settings have changed so im really lost . If someone has any idea how to help is really apreciated.


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Re: block downloads

Postby MattP » May 05 20 9:21 am

Hi Tony,

We'll be happy to help you, you're welcome to email to open a ticket if you need further assistance.

If you need to block downloads of file types you'll need to use HTTPS inspection, which is an Enterprise license feature. Once you've enabled that you can create web access rules that match on URL, allowing you to block by extension, e.g. *.exe, *.jpg etc.


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