Proxy Issue (might be a bug) and a Question

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Proxy Issue (might be a bug) and a Question

Postby Mr.G » Jun 13 20 6:01 am

First post here...Will probably end up purchasing an enterprise license.


Fiber internet (Default Gateway) <---> Orbi Wireless ( <---> Various LAN devices.

Have added a dedicated Win10 Pro LAN machine with a few mobile hotspots (USB) tethered to it and these hotspot connections are made available to LAN users via individual proxies. We use these proxies for price/competitor research, purchasing, verifying advertisements are being served correctly, and eventually (we hope) a few miscellaneous automated/daily scraping tasks. We do NOT want (or currently plan) to have all internet connections routing through WinGate, just to keep things simple.

Main Issue:

We put devices in 'airplane mode' when we know they aren't needed or to reset the hotspot IP. Occasionally, when re-enabling cellular data (turning off 'airplane mode'), device(s) may show as connected (on device and in windows network devices via control panel interface showing network adapters)...BUT... when using a particular proxy, it will be routing traffic through the fiber gateway and not the hotspot. Usually the other hotspots work just fine, just one or two *might* silently fail like this.

When this happens, restarting WinGate seems to be the only guaranteed way to fix the issue.

Alternatively, clicking around in the Gateway settings (of the particular proxy that is failing) and then setting them back to the original settings that were being used (so nothing is actually changing---clicking around makes the 'accept' button accessible) and then clicking to 'accept' the non-changes, sometimes fixes the issue as well, but not always.

Deleting the proxy configuration in question and then adding it back also seems to fix things, but is more of a pain.

I'm pretty sure that stopping and starting the proxy in question also works, but so rarely that stopped trying it.

Related Question:

Is there a way to configure a proxy so that it will NEVER fall back to routing traffic out through our main fiber internet gateway? Basically if a hotspot is failing I want it to just do nothing---to a user it would look like they were trying to connecting through a non-existing/stopped proxy and their connections would just time out.

I can imagine hacky ways to accomplish this (but would probably still need advice on how to do so).
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Re: Proxy Issue (might be a bug) and a Question

Postby adrien » Jun 19 20 2:19 pm


are you using the gateways tab in the proxies to get the proxy to only use a specific mobile data connection? If so, there's a setting to only use the listed gateway choices.

If you never want anything on that machine to use the fibre gateway, you could just remove the fibre gateway IP from the LAN adapter settings - if it gets its IP from the main router using DHCP you may need a reservation for that .12 machine. Then it won't know about the fibre at all and can never use it.


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