Telnet Service

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Telnet Service

Postby mikeluff » Jun 18 20 1:38 am


I need to do a telnet proxy. I have a machine on an isolated network which needs to hit a DMZ, where the Wingate server sits and connect to a server on the other side of the DMZ.

I don't see much documentation on telnet setup for this type, does anyone have instructions?

I have tried TCP Mapping which seems to work, although there appears to be a delay in the session setup which my application on the client doesn't like.

Any help appreciated.
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Re: Telnet Service

Postby adrien » Jun 18 20 3:17 pm


there shouldn't be any delay connecting a TCP mapping connection - about how long is the delay?


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Re: Telnet Service

Postby mikeluff » Jun 18 20 8:12 pm

I think we have pinpointed the issue to the proxy we are currently having to forward it to, when we took it out of the loop as a test it worked fine.

Should know more after a routing change is made tomorrow.
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