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Modify service description not work

Jun 29 20 7:59 pm

I use a lot of services and is very important for me use the "name" and the "description" of the service.

1. Why the name it not modificable?
2. When i modify a service and change the "description" (and Accept), in the list of services the description "NOT CHANGE" even by restarting the manager.
3. WHY the property window of services if fixed? ... pls make it resizable is more easy for "see" the properties.

I have a wingate correctly license for 25 connections.

Thanks a lot
example of not work the change description
pantalla.png (11.24 KiB) Viewed 848 times

Re: Modify service description not work

Jun 30 20 10:09 am


the name is not changeable because a large number of things depend on it:

* log file source registrations
* event registrations

The description should be editable, however it looks like there's a scrolling bug in the edit control which effectively limits the description to the width of the control. We will fix that ASAP.

We'll have a look at making it resizeable.


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