How to setup a a WinGate proxy?

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How to setup a a WinGate proxy?

Postby Felix » Sep 24 20 10:56 am

I am trying to setup a proxy on my local machine so all apps (including browsers) need to go through my proxy to access the Internet.

I followed these instructions to create a proxy service (

In the past when I used Fiddler to create a proxy I would then enter the proxy IP address and port in the Internet Options > LAN Settings > Proxy server.

However, for WinGate I haven't been able to find the IP address of my proxy.

Any ideas?
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Re: How to setup a a WinGate proxy?

Postby MattP » Sep 29 20 8:28 am

Hi Felix,

The IP address of your proxy is whatever the IP address of the machine you're running WinGate on is. You can see the network adapters listed in the WinGate console if you go to Control Panel::Network Connections. You will have one or more adapters listed there. Use the IP address of the adapter that is on the same subnet as the rest of your LAN.

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