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Dll modules duplication

Oct 27 20 10:05 pm

Why are some of .dll of the modules located in the "WinGate\Packages\" duplicated in the "ProgramData\Qbik\WinGate\Remote\" directory?

Re: Dll modules duplication

Oct 29 20 12:39 pm


they are cached.

Each time you connect a WinGate Management app to a WinGate server, it checks all the DLLs needed by WinGate Management to communicate with the modules installed in the WinGate server, and fetches them from the WinGate server.

This allows for example you to see UI for 3rd party add-ons even though you didn't install that in a remote WinGate Management installation.

They are checked by MD5 checksum on the file content so that different versions of UI DLLs that may be required to communicate with different versions of Engine DLLs can be disambiguated. This allows you to connect one WinGate Management to many different WinGate engines, each of which may have different add-ons installed, or different versions of the same add-on without creating compatibility problems.

Compatibility problems usually relate to the protocol used for communication between UI and matching engine modules. E.g. if a feature is added, and a configuration point added, then the serialization of state back and forth between UI and engine changes.

Re: Dll modules duplication

Oct 29 20 12:40 pm

If you're having trouble with this, make sure you are updating the version numbers in your manifest files when building your modules.

Also if you run in Developer mode, this module fetching is bypassed, allowing you to debug with the built modules.



Re: Dll modules duplication

Oct 31 20 3:49 am

thank you very much
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