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Wingate still supported???

Mar 18 21 5:08 pm

Is Wingate still actively supported???? It's been over a year since the last update. I paid for another year of support, but can't see spending anymore if there's no more updates coming. So what's happening and what are the plans for the future??? Personally, I would like to see an IPv6 DNS server service added to Wingate. Also a IPv6 DHCP server to assign IP addresses on my LAN (assuming there is such a thing under IPv6).


Re: Wingate still supported???

Mar 18 21 5:26 pm

Hi Wes

Yes it's been a tough year for getting updates out. We are still working on WinGate.

I can understand reluctance to pay for maintenance renewals. We may give an amnesty on that to take into account the exceptional circumstances.

In regard to IPv6, yes there is such a thing as IPv6 DHCP, but given MS Server OSes come with a free DHCP server built in, it's hard to justify the development of our own IPv6 DHCP server.

Do you use IPv6 on your LAN much? The overhead of the packet makes for a bit less throughput, and it's not like the address space for IPv4 private addresses is too small - you can still number many millions of devices on a private network with IPv4. Internet-based services tend to still be IPv4 as well for compatibility reasons. We've not had many requests for IPv6 all up.


Re: Wingate still supported???

Mar 22 21 1:19 pm


Thanks for the response. I already renewed for another year. I was just wondering about Wingate. I don't use Microsoft servers as I don't like paying their ridiculous licensing prices. We run Wingate on 64 Bit Windows 10.

Keeps us posted on your plans.


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