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Download of larger files stopped by WinGate Proxy

May 12 21 10:05 pm

We're using WinGate Proxy (without any plugins such as Kaspersky AV, Lumen, etc). It is running on a Windows Server 2019 (1809) which is virtualized on VMWare ESXi 7.0 U2 (VM version 19).

We have the issue that downloads of larger files (e.g. +500MB) unexpectedly stop after a certain time. I made various tests: Download of files with 10MB or 50MB work fine. A file with 500MB stopped after 200MB. The second time, the same file stopped after 50MB.
The issue does not happen if we bypass the WinGate Proxy.
I tried to bypass the HTTP Cache with a rule and I also disabled the HTTP Cache completely, but the problem still occured.

Do you have any idea, what the problem could be?
Best regards,
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