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Limit access to only selected ip range

May 31 21 9:30 pm

Currently our Wingate setup is an open setup, that is: any computer from any subnet can user the proxy.
As we are in a WAN I need to limit use only to computers on our own subnets.
How do I realize this? (without setting up authentication).

Re: Limit access to only selected ip range

Jun 16 21 5:27 pm


Is this for web traffic, or all traffic?

If just web, you can set a web access rule to allow only users on your IP ranges you specify.

If you want to apply this to all traffic, your best bet would probably be to block other subnets in the windows firewall, this will prevent them connecting to WinGate. Or if you're using the WinGate Network Driver, you can black hole subnets in the black hole tab in Extended Networking.


Adrien de Croy
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