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Wingate SOCKS

Jun 21 21 10:26 pm


I am trying to set up a SOCKS proxy but i am failing. İ read the forum posts and tried them but none of them helped. I cannot understand the problem either.
I installed the service in a way that it can connect to an external client according to previous posts here. After trying by myself i looked up in here. In youtube there is videos about some WinGate services but i could not find a video about this service.
Can you tell me steps to set up a SOCKS proxy for an external connection? Do i need to change some things in modem interface?


Re: Wingate SOCKS

Jun 24 21 2:29 pm


clients connect to the SOCKS service, rather than the server connecting to the client. The client connects to the server, and sends it a request. The server then makes an upstream connection to another server and bridges the connection to the client connection.

What problem are you seeing?


Re: Wingate SOCKS

Jun 25 21 9:18 pm

I think i mistold the situation. Client cannot connect to the server. I chose an external adapter and removed other adapters, set the port number tried a couple of different numbers and disabled authentication requirement.
Do i need to specify that upstream connection? I installed server on my secondary computer at work and i tried to send a request to that server from my home computer.
Additionally, do i need to make changes in modem interface and open ports on it by specifying port numbers?


Re: Wingate SOCKS

Jul 01 21 7:03 pm

Ah ok, you have a client external to your LAN and you want them to be able to access the SOCKS server.

In that case, yes if you're using a DSL modem, you'd need to map a port on the modem's external (WAN) interface to connect through to your internal WinGate server on the port you are running the SOCKS server on.

Your modem documentation should indicate how to do that. But yes, it will be blocking unsolicited inbound connections otherwise.
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