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Connection refused instead of block page

Aug 26 21 2:39 am

I set up a rule to block some sites but, instead of showing the block page.
The rule is working as the hits count is going up everytime I request the page.

Thank you

Re: Connection refused instead of block page

Aug 26 21 4:49 pm


this is normal behaviour for https sites. Browsers since about 2010 no longer show block pages that are delivered when they are trying to set up a tunnel to a server for https. Instead they just show a generic connection error.

We have complained to the browser vendors for years about this, as have all the other proxy vendors in the IETF HTTP WG list.

Firefox shows a different error that indicates that the proxy refused to allow the tunnel to be set up. At least this sends you looking in the right direction for troubleshooting.

If you want to see block pages for https requests, there's only 1 way, and that is to use https inspection which comes with a few other caveats:

* need to install and trust the signing certificate (that WinGate uses to sign newly-minted certificates) on the client computers / devices
* https inspection requires an enterprise WinGate license
* some sites employ https inspection blocking mechanisms that require you to disable inspection for those sites


Adrien de Croy
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