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New user trying to start WG services after internet detected

Jan 11 24 6:04 am

My internet complains about the network being busy if wingate is installed and running. I just have to manually stop it, then let it "connect" and restart wingate and all is well. I was looking in the options but couldnt figure out how to manually start them? I basically just need to set up a simple script to make sure I can reach a website or resolve a dns name, and then start wingate services. Is that doable? I'm also running as a limited user (which oddly can set up the internet) but need admin to start wingate service but I guess a scheduled task can do that part if need be.

Re: New user trying to start WG services after internet dete

Feb 15 24 10:57 pm


what do you mean about your internet complains? Do you mean your internet provider?

Is it possible people on the internet are connecting to your WinGate server from outside your network?

If you look in WinGate activity screen, do you see a lot of users?


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