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Spotify Pass Through on Proxy

Dec 02 22 10:47 pm

I have a client who needs a default rule to block all sites for tablets which are routed by the proxy, easily achieved block *.co.uk and *.com (originally I blocked a *.domain.co.uk or com as necessary but new sites could bypass the rule until I was aware of them and built-in stores etc would bypass the block especially the batch of amazon fire's recently received). This has stopped the amazon services perfectly and means no site can be accessed until I add a trusted path for it. I have allowed the sites I need though by making the sites trusted and for all but spotify this works. How can I establish what connection spotify is using in addition to *.spotify.com because it is not able to pass through at the moment. Is wingate https and http compatible?

Re: Spotify Pass Through on Proxy

Dec 09 22 6:31 pm


Hopefully this was covered in your ticket with support, let us know if there's anything more.


Adrien de Croy
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