Temp install issue

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Temp install issue

Postby dbdataplus12 » Nov 16 06 7:30 am

I have Wingate 5.{something} on a remote system and for a number of reasons Wingate (Adrien) has recommended that I upgrade them to Wingate 6 -- but I was warned that the Email portion was quite different and that I should familiarize myself with it first. Good idea since I have to install this program remotely via VNC when it's time to run.

So ....

I downloaded Wingate 6 {current version} to my desktop system, figuring that I would install and simply get familiar with the config utilities, etc.

Well first, during the activation process, it wouldn't accept my Wingate 5 key. At first I thougt it might be because it had a way of knowing that the "real" Wingate was still running on the remote system, but I decided that since it said my key was INVALID, it was probably just not recognizing an earlier key. If I was violating the license, it would say violation, right? Anyway, I defaulted to the trial license activation and then the installation continued.

At the end, it needed to reboot the computer, which I allowed.

When the system came up, Icons for Wingate Engine & VPN appeared in the tray, both red, neither in "running" state. I tried to start manually, but that didn't work.

So I fired up Gatekeeper, because after all, all I want to do is play with the config utilities, but gatekeeper won't start unless the engine is running and the engine refuses to start (refuses with the 'check your server name and port number message) so I can't start gatekeeper and therefore can't investigate what might be wrong.

Install log.txt looks unremarkable.
Now, I don't have two NIC cards and that would prevent WG from doing much of anything productive, but I can't imagine it as an impediment to starting the engine.

Any suggestions?
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