Wingate as Server and MacOSX as Client viaBluetooth/Ethernet

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Wingate as Server and MacOSX as Client viaBluetooth/Ethernet

Postby kman26 » Nov 24 06 7:36 am

I am trying to connect a Mac OS X 10.4 system to Windows XP with WinGate over bluetooth. I have absolutely no knowledge of networking, however I downloaded and installed WinGate thinking that it would make it easier to achieve networking the internet with the Mac and XP.I have not been able to this date make it successful.

I login in to XP and go to Gatekeeper and I see a red x on the Bluetooth Network Connection. No luck.

I try going to the Control Panel of XP and double click on Bluetooth Network Connection and search for my Mac OS X device using Personal Area Network Wizard- No Luck

But I do have better luck on my Mac OS X device; Here I see serial ports of my Mac 1-21 open to my XP computer and also a VPN connection to my xp computer. How do I configure these? I click on VPN and I see server address, account name, and password and I also click on 1 of the 21 serial ports and I see modem configuration I am not sure what to do. Or where to get the correct setting for ethernet or bluetooth.

Please help. I need basic instructions. Where to click, what protocols to look for on my Mac OSX to correctly fill in the forms to connect.

Sincerely, KG
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