Xbox Live behind college proxy with a bypass..?

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Xbox Live behind college proxy with a bypass..?

Postby algorhythm » Jan 22 07 3:40 pm

I am behind a college proxy which does not allow us to do anything but basically surf the web. I use a program called Your Freedom ( to bypass this for games. I stumbled upon this site and have been trying to get my xbox 360 to work behind Your Freedom.

I have server port forwards from Your Freedom, which are specific ports on the server that redirect to me. 20473-20477. So if I'm connected to ip, these will redirect to me: ip:20473 -- ip:20477. I cannot get the xbox to route its traffic through WinGate, then through Your Freedom, then to the internet. I already have port forwarding set up from this site I found on these forums.

Please help :(
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