tunnels connect but dats it

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tunnels connect but dats it

Postby mbudnick » Oct 04 03 12:31 pm

I just spent the last 2 nites trying to establish a VPN connection to my friends machine using Wingate and its been an exercise in frustration. We could only get to the point where we see the tunnels established in both directions, but could see no Workgroups under Microsoft Network and could not see each others machines. We cant ping each other either.
He was able to join my VPN but thats all. I could see his IP address and machine name, and he mine, but no other information.

I also had to totally turn off ZoneAlarm firewall to get this to work at all to the point that it did. I looked thru all the Wingate message boards and made changes but, in the end, we could not see each others machines or shared files (other than what is mentioned above).

Host is Win98 running Wingate VPN and DNS2Go with cable internet. Remote is running Wingate VPN remote on Win2000 machine with DSL internet.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Postby adrien » Oct 04 03 5:41 pm

is the DSL connection doing network address translation? IF so and that's the end that your server is on, then you will need to set up pinholes in the ADSL router to point port 809 for TCP and UDP through to your WinGate VPN server.

Otherwise, what status are the tunnels in in GateKeeper on the network tab?

If they are active, try pinging each end to the other on its internal IP address.

There are a couple of other things you need to get right to get a VPN working - routing being the main one. If the other machines on your LAN don't use your WinGate VPN server as their default gateway, then you will need to add a route on each of them, or use the RIP client to automatically listen for routes published by WInGate VPN on the local LAN.... or if you can turn on RIPv2 listening on your main gateway that would work too.

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