Clearing old network connections

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Clearing old network connections

Postby Really Frustrated » Apr 27 07 8:17 am

I was at an event with multiple computers using the same wireless connections. I was not using my WINGate VPN connections, but the engine was running.
Consequently, the other computers show up in the gate keeper under "Remote Networks." even though we aren't anywhere near them. How do I clear the old connections?
Really Frustrated
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Postby Really Frustrated » May 01 07 11:22 am

Well, I answered the question my self. I don't know if it is the best answer, but it's all I have.

I just killed the VPN and recreated it with the same parameters. That seemed to work without messing up the clients.

Thanks for the help.
Really Frustrated
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Postby MattP » May 04 07 6:58 pm


These machines are appearing from the Operating System, not from the WinGate VPN. Any machines that send out network name broadcasts will appear in this list. You should also see them under the Local Network list on the Network tab in GateKeeper.

Network enumeration happens every 10 minutes so these machines will exist in your Network Neighbourhood list for at least 10 minutes after they appear, but they can be cleared by restarting your machine and I think by clearing your NBTSTAT cache.


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