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WAN Miniport has problems with standby/hibernate

Sep 16 03 6:39 am

the following was posted to the deerfield forum, but i was sent a note to redirect my questions here. in addition to the issue outlined below, i have noticed that, on another computer, windows XP crashes on a resume from standby if the VPN was connected when the computer was put to sleep....


anyone have any ideas on this one?

i've been having problems on and off with certain devices on my IBM Thinkpad over the past few months, and finally traced the problem to wingate VPN:

the problem: i first noticed that my palm (which i hotsync via infrared) could not communicate with my computer after the computer had been put into a standby or hibernate mode, and resumed. looking at the device manager (with all hidden devices shown), it became evident that a number of network adapters developed error states during a standby or hibernate:

Bluetooth LAN Access Server Driver
Direct Parallel
Infrared Port
WAN Miniport (L2TP)
WAN Miniport (ATW) [or (ATR)? this disappeared after uninstallation of wingate VPN]

specifically, a little yellow exclamation mark appeared by them, and they were disabled by windows. disabling and re-enabling them manually appeared to correct the problem, but is tedious and time-consuming. none of the other network adapters seem to have problems.

method: after a great deal of troubleshooting with the IBM folks, i was shipped a clean hard drive, performed a system restore, and installed my old software, application, by application, until the problem reoccurred. the offending application was wingate VPN (remote client), confirmed by resolution of the problem with uninstallation of the software.

so, now what? i really need wingate VPN on the machine, but it screws up the infrared and interferes with other network devices as well.

thanks for your help.

neil v. patel

Sep 16 03 8:45 am

I take it this is version 5.0.7?

I can send you another driver to try - we have been doing a bit of work in this area on it.

You can get this from



Sep 16 03 9:54 am

well...it's 1.0.6. wingate VPN, not the full wingate installer. do i need to be using the wingate installer instead of the wingate VPN one?

Sep 16 03 11:43 am

p.s. the desktop is already using the "5.1 beta driver" talked about in the old deerfield fora. is the one you linked me different from this? is it supposed to address the problem on the laptop or the desktop?

Sep 16 03 12:17 pm

ah ok

The one I linked you to is the new beta driver, but it is fairly advanced from the old one. However with VPN you need to make sure you are running the same version (5.0.x or 5.1 beta) driver on both ends of the VPN else there are problems with large packets (which is many of them) being fragmented and not joined back up properly, since the two drivers use a different method.

As for the installer to use, the VPN installer should be fine.


Sep 16 03 12:18 pm


the previous beta driver did not properly support binding and unbinding adapters, so you should find this new one better in terms of hibernation on your other adapters.


Sep 16 03 12:20 pm

NOPE! i just installed the new sys file on the laptop. i get a BSOD when i try to boot the machine. the only way i can boot is with "last known good configuration" -- none of the safe modes work. the crash is very early in the windows xp loader screen's time.

Sep 16 03 2:22 pm

OK, we're having a look.

You have a lovely collection of network bits there.

If you get a chance and have the inclination, is it possible to easily disable any of those adapters and see if you can isolate which one makes the driver turn up its toes?


Sep 16 03 2:26 pm

Actually if instead you can post a few more details about the network bits you have installed we can try and replicate the problem here.

Not an ideal situation, but save getting on a plane, or going back to the previous driver (which I guess you have done by now) it is very difficult to tell what is going on from here.


Sep 16 03 3:48 pm

OK. here's as much detail as i can muster.

the laptop is an IBM Thinkpad T30, which i bought in october of last year. on tuesday of last week, i performed a completely fresh installation. the factory preload includes. windows xp pro and variety of IBM utilities for system configuration. very little else is included. the only things that are preinstalled that are network related are the drivers for the hardware and IBM's Access Connections software, which manages switching your network configuration to accomodate various environments.

the network hardware on this machine:

802.11b wireless
10/100 Ethernet

and the software:

-windows XP updated with all available recommended, critical and driver updates.
-all IBM software is latest version, including machine BIOS.
-microsoft office XP, fully updated.
-corel wordperfect office, fully updated
-AOL instant messenger
-DeadAIM utility
-SiSoftware SANDRA
-IBM PC Camera software
-Stuffit Expander 7.0
-HP network printing wizard
-Acrobat 6.0
-Intervideo WinDVD
-Palm Desktop 4.1
-ePocrates for Palm
-Acrobat reader for Palm
-FileMaker Pro 5.5
-google toolbar

that's absolutely everything. the only software ever installed on this machine that has been removed is Wingate VPN.

the network devices are:
-Bluetooth LAN Access Server Driver
the computer is equipped with bluetooth. i never use it. this is the driver for networking over bluetooth.
-Direct Parallel
standard adapter
-High Rate Wireless LAN Mini-PCI Adapter
this is my WiFi card, i do use this.
-Infrared Port
standard, i should think, on any modern notebook computer.
-Intel PRO/100 VE Connection
this is my 10/100.
-Microsoft TV/Video Connection
this is part of windows, and is installed whenever a USB camera is installed.
-RAS Async Adapter
the new fancy words for "dial-up adapter"
-WAN Miniport (IP), (L2TP), (PPPOE) and (PPTP)
these are all standard i think. i'm not really up on the whole miniport bit. you tell me.

ok. that's everything. if there's any specific question i can address, let me know.

Sep 16 03 4:42 pm

I would try removing the bluetooth if you never use it and see if that makes a difference - the others are all fairly standard


Sep 16 03 5:23 pm

i can't remove it. the hardware is part of the system. if i remove the driver a) it will be reinstalled and b) several dependent components will be unhappy. c) what if it turns out not to be the problem? then i have to wipe the machine again.

besides -- the bluetooth is not loaded as a driver as early as the BSOD occurs on that driver you sent me.

i'm not sure this particular thing is the problem. i can try and see if there's a way to disable it tomorrow, but for now, i'd like to move forward along another path.

Sep 16 03 5:59 pm

ok. so there's good news. the "old" beta driver (the one that has been talked about in the fora a lot, which was actually made in august '02) seems to fix the problem. it runs on the laptop, conects to the vpn, and neither crashes my machine nor causes the standby/hibernate problems.

disabling bluetooth (which i did try) did nothing to change the fact that the VPN 1.0.6 driver caused standby and hibernate problems.

this newest driver you sent me the link to today crashed my computer very early, as i mentioned before, and i will not be reinstalling it.

so this leads me to the following:

a) i have a working solution, for now
b) the "new" beta is worse than the old. that problem still needs to be corrected. a driver that crashes a machine in those first few seconds of the xp's loader screen makes my computer absolutely inaccessible.

let me know where to go from here, and whether i can be of further assistance.

Sep 16 03 7:38 pm


I understand you want to be able to use your system!

So, if it is difficult to disable a component then no problem.

For future reference, if you reboot your machine 3 times without the engine loading (i.e. if it blue-screens early) then the driver will not load, so you should be able to get back in and remove it rather than having to rebuild your entire machine.


Sep 17 03 2:38 am

well, as i said, i went ahead and did disable it, and it still had the same problems.

Sep 17 03 1:26 pm

OK, sorry I missed that.

I am thinking about all we will be able to do is build a diagnostic driver - the sort of thing you install, boot once, send us the file and then remove. I am in discussions with one of the other driver developers here about that, and I'll let you know what we come up with.

In the mean time, if you have a beta driver on one end of your VPN tunnel, you must use one on the other as well, else fragmented packets get lost in transit (the two have different fragmentation schemes).


Sep 17 03 2:11 pm

i'd be willing to try the diagnostic driver.

curiously, on my desktop, i've had no problems using the (old) beta driver client with my existing server (which uses the non-beta driver from wingate 5.0.7). this is based upon my having no problems with MS remote desktop connection. i haven't tried the new beta on that machine. the old beta seems to work fine on my laptop, from a standby-resume standpoint, and with respect to not crashing, but MSRDP doesn't seem to work right.

the whole thing is very odd.

Re: WAN Miniport has problems with standby/hibernate

Mar 14 12 8:49 pm

How do I keep the computer running while in hibernation mode? When I resume Windows after computer hibernation everything stays the same like my downloads stay at the same percentage so how do I get it to keep progressing while it is in hibernation mode and please answer my question.
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