vpn drops

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vpn drops

Postby apt » Jul 30 10 8:13 am

Adrien I have a situation where with the new build's of wingate, I say in plural because the older versions didnt do this, where the vpn establishes but there isnt IP connectivity and I just - stop and start- and it starts up. I have set IKE keep alive which i would have expected would have cured it and it doesnt - at this client I have 7 remote networks all connected with your vpn with your product running at the central site on three different machines which I did to spread the load. Its random - no pattern just every couple of days a few of them just drop - I have tried creating a schedule to drop them at night and I start them in the morining - with a double start in the scheduler but once in a while the vpn stops although your program says connected. If I ping I dont get responses so why doesnt the keep alive realise this and kickstart it ?

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Re: vpn drops

Postby adrien » Sep 30 10 1:59 pm

HI Richard

Sorry to take so long to respond on this.

Just to clarify, I presume you mean tunnel keep-alives in WinGate VPN rather than IKE keepalive - WinGate VPN doesn't use IKE.

Which versions worked do you know?

I did find a problem with VPN in WinGate 7 which I fixed relating to publishing of routes, which could cause routes to be deleted improperly making the VPN Node disappear. This fix hasn't been rolled out in WinGate 6 though. Are you using the RIP client on your networks?


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