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Problem configuring VPN after cert. expiry

Oct 17 10 5:01 am

We have had the VPN working for a couple years and today we received the Certificate Expired error when clients tried to connect.

I deleted the VPN on the server and recreated it, following the instructions in the whitepaper, being sure to generate a new SSL certificate. I exported the settings and imported them on the client and the clients are unable to connect. The following error shows up in the Wingate System log:

"There was a problem configuring SSL objects for 'StoreVPN'. Please verify the security setting and certificate"

I have tried generating new certificates and importing the settings on the clients and have had no luck.

We are running Wingate 6.6.4 on Server 2003 and Wingate VPN 2.6.4 on Windows XP on the clients.


Re: Problem configuring VPN after cert. expiry

Oct 18 10 5:17 pm


that error is logged when the VPN server can't initialise the cert it wants to use for accepting a connection from a VPN client.

Sounds like there's some issue with the certificate. Have you verified that the file exists in the WinGate\Certs folder?

Also, shouldn't need to re-create / delete VPNs, can just regenerate the existing certificate, it should be able to reuse all the parameters and allow you to set a new expiry.



Re: Problem configuring VPN after cert. expiry

Oct 22 10 2:33 am


Thanks for your reply. We were having some other problems and Wingate was recently reinstalled on the server. The problem turned out to be that the registry was trying to save the certificates where Wingate was previously installed--a drive that was no longer present. I updated the path in the registry and created a new certificate and everything worked perfectly.

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