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How to set up a VPN for gaming

Nov 27 10 11:22 pm

How to set up a VPN for gaming purposes? My friend and I who are from different countries would like to play same games that require a LAN connection. How can we structure a VPN to play these games together?
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Re: How to set up a VPN for gaming

Nov 29 10 3:43 pm


To use WinGate VPN for gaming, first setup the VPN connection between you and your friend by following the installation and setup guide.

  1. Install WinGate VPN on your computer (activate using a 30-day trial)
  2. After installation, open the help file and read the 'Hosting a WinGate VPN' section for a step-by-step guide on setting up your computer has the VPN host
  3. Install WinGate VPN on your friends computer
  4. Open the help file and read the 'Joining a WinGate VPN' section for a step-by-step guide on connection that computer to your host

Once you have successfully established a VPN connection using this guide, your only special consideration for gaming over the VPN is what broadcast ports you want to relay. Network games usually broadcast their existence to all other computers on the same local network in order to populate the LAN game lobby of other players. WinGate can accept these broadcasts and relay them to your friend on the other side of the VPN so that they can see your game in their lobby as well, even though the broadcast wasn't originally intended for their network.

Do this on both installations of WinGate VPN
  1. Open GateKeeper and login
  2. Go to System -> Extended Networking -> Routing
  3. Click the Advanced button
  4. Click Add
  5. Enter a descriptive name for your game
  6. Enter the broadcast port that the game uses to announce it's presence to the rest of the network (you should be able to find this out using google)
  7. Click OK, OK then OK to save the change

After this, you should be able to establish a VPN connection and see each others lan games in your own games lobby.
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