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how to setup vpn in a cafe environment. help needed

Nov 28 10 3:40 am

pls, I'm currently working in a cybercafe and my boss wants me to setup a vpn connection for customers so they can connect from home to the cafe, the pcs are connected to the router, so he said i should use one of the pcs for this purpose. basically its for anonymity and redirection of all their internet conn to the cafe. pls I'll be glad if anyone can help me out.
I'm using wingate 6 (not sure of the version)
when i install wingate are all connections in and out confg. by default
if i need to change settins can i get all the required settings to set up the wingate vpn in the cafe using ipconfig in comand promt(the pcs are connected through a router and i dont quite understand most of those routing settings) pls i will be very great full if any one can help me

Re: how to setup vpn in a cafe environment. help needed

Nov 29 10 4:34 pm

WinGate VPN might not suit your needs. WinGate VPN doesn't support routing of a VPN Joiners internet connectivity over the VPN tunnel automatically. The closest you would get to your desired result would be to set up a proxy server on the cafe's network, and ask customers joining via the VPN to set the IP of the proxy in their browser.
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