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vpn access

Mar 16 11 10:43 am

Hi to all,

The problem that i face is that the vpn client can't access the computers on the vpn host side. That is, every time i connect without problem with the host but from the windows network i can't browse the computers that are behind the vpn host (i can access the shares of the WG mashine using \\192.168.x.x). I can ping from the vpn client the external card of the vpn host (wingate enterprise gets internet from it) but i can't ping the internal card (192.168.x.x internal lan). The vpn host has win vista x64 and the firewall of windows is off as service. That confuse me the most is that in the remote lan there is a lan printer in the same range of ip's and i can ping that mashine. The computers behind the vpn host are all have the WG mashine as default gateway. I am not interested to access all computers from the vpn client but some specific mashines (one of them has a local printer shared in the lan).

Any help please
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