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Wingate 6 with VPN inside Lisence, how many?

May 30 11 8:52 pm

Dear Professional Members,
I am a student are making project about Wingate Understanding and How to be working. I had read more infomations from Wingate website via google searching and Lisence about all as VPN Gateway. But in Wingate 6, i see that offered VPN inside already design to connect to other VPN. Could you tell me why it is needed to setup Wingate VPN gateway 2.0 with 1, 2, ...n lisence(as example)??? Should use VPN inside Wingate is better than VPN gateway 2.0 ???

Re: Wingate 6 with VPN inside Lisence, how many?

May 31 11 10:28 am

Wingate VPN is available as a stand-alone product or if the user has purchased an Enterprise license as part of WinGate (see link)


With a WinGate Enterprise license, it is basically a WinGate VPN Gateway license. You still need single user licenses for each remote single user that wishes to connect to the VPN or Gateway licenses for any other networks you wish to connect into the VPN. This page explains it in a bit more detail.

http://www.wingate.com/purchase/wingate ... rchase.php
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