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Redirect outgoing connection

Sep 13 11 3:47 pm


I installed wingate on my home computer to test and i need redirect outgoint connection.

I need that all connection to one port, go to other ip.

I dont know why, but redirect dont run here..
I create one rule on extended networking, port security, local computer to internet, port 1 to 65500 ( i use all port to try )
in action i choose drop and redirect ( i choose drop to try too )

I save and try connect via browser to one site.. all site open.
I try ping to tools runing on other ports on others servers.. all are connection.

If if create one ip backhole the site is blocked but when i try create one redirect or block via port security, i cant..

Someone can helpme ?

Sorry my english.. i´m from Brasil

Re: Redirect outgoing connection

Sep 13 11 5:16 pm


are you running WinGate, or WinGate VPN (this is the WinGate VPN forum)?

WinGate VPN doesn't do NAT, which is required for port redirection. WinGate should do it fine though.

Are you redirecting to a remote IP (public IP on internet), or some other IP on your local network or WAN? If the latter, the machine you redirect to may require routing setup for the packets to go back through WinGate.



Re: Redirect outgoing connection

Sep 14 11 1:15 am


at this moment i have installed wingate vpn, but i already installed wingate and i cant do this too.

Look my problem :

I have one server with public IP ( example )

This ip will be change to other ip ( example )
O this server have some applications compiled pointed to database server using

Then after changed ip, i need intercepct all software that try to connect on and redirect to my new ip

if i open a connection to from my server i want that wingate redirect to other ip.. the connection ton 200.175.54 cant reach the destination because this ip will be a new server ( not my server ) ...


Re: Redirect outgoing connection

Sep 14 11 1:49 am


so the client software is on the same computer as WinGate? Currently you can't redirect those connections, only NAT connections via WinGate.

You could run the software on another computer behind WinGate.

Have you considered patching the executable and changing the IP address that is hard coded in the binary. It might be easier than you might think.


Re: Redirect outgoing connection

Sep 14 11 2:47 am

Hi Adrien..

have +- 200 apps with ip hardcorded and i dont know how can i do this..
area asp.net apps.. compiled..

have any sugestion ?


Re: Redirect outgoing connection

Sep 14 11 7:01 pm

ok, one suggestion I have.

If you use WinGate 7, and use the WinGate client on the computer running the apps, then you can use WinGate 7 policy to override destination IP for connections made by client applications.

So you could say have a policy that said any connection to a.b.c.d get connected instead to e.f.g.h

The WinGate server would need to be a different computer to the computer running the apps, and the WinGate client software only runs on windows prior to windows vista.

We could look at doing a similar thing for SOCKS as well, which would mean you could use any supported SOCKS-ifying application.


Re: Redirect outgoing connection

Sep 14 11 7:05 pm

Actually looks like Session.ServerIp is already writable from within SOCKS server events, so you could change it based on the current value.
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