AS400 Client Access Server through VPN

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AS400 Client Access Server through VPN

Postby ccsoft » Sep 19 03 8:43 am


Can you explain why you would be able to ping an AS400 on the Internal LAN but not through the VPN? In order to reach the AS400 through the VPN we needed to set up a mapping.
They also have a program call WaveReader that is for monitoring security cameras. There are two 'camera controllers' that have been described to me as an IP box that have a bunch of video cable signals coming into it that are then converted to digital. Again locally you can ping these but through the VPN you can't. (and you can ping all other machines on the network) Now we could set up a mapping as we did with the AS400 but because both controllers use the same port(and cannot be changed) this would only give us access to one of them.
Any ideas on how to get remote access to both of these controllers through the WinGate VPN?

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Postby adrien » Sep 19 03 7:55 pm

havce you tried enabling RIP v2 listening on the AS400 machine? Maybe it doesn't have a route back to the rest of the VPN.

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