Installing Wingate 6 and Domain Controller

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Installing Wingate 6 and Domain Controller

Postby sundayose » Feb 22 13 5:56 pm

Dear All I have wingate 6 installed on one server as the gateway and I have also a second server working as my Domain controller and DHCP Server.
After installing WIngate 6, I disabled DHCP for wingate because my domain controller does DHCP.

I was using a Free proxy before but after installing wingate, the net has become slower. Please advise.

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Re: Installing Wingate 6 and Domain Controller

Postby adrien » Feb 22 13 8:15 pm


is there any reason you're using WinGate 6? it's very old now.

When you say slow, do you mean there are delays, or are say downloads slower as well?

DNS configuration issues can introduce latency which can cause problems like this. One of the main improvements in WinGate 7 is a re-written DNS client, which has solved a lot of the problems that existed in WinGate 6 DNS client, especially looping

In fact since you're on a domain, ifthe AD DNS servers forward to WinGate, and WinGate computer uses AD DNS server for DNS, you could have a DNS loop which will make everything very slow.

WinGate 7 resolves this by probing DNS servers for loops back to itself.


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