Wingate 7 supports VPN site-to-site?

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Wingate 7 supports VPN site-to-site?

Postby bentech » Jul 11 13 9:08 am

Is it possible to run Wingate VPN servers at two branches and having a 'Site to Site' connection which each other?
Thanks for your answers.
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Re: Wingate 7 supports VPN site-to-site?

Postby adrien » Jul 11 13 3:02 pm


yes this is possible and commonly done.

You'd just set up a WinGate VPN at each site, have one site's WinGate host a VPN, and the other site's WinGate join it.

Issues to get around;

* if the hosting site is not on a fixed IP, you may need to use some dynamic DNS service to discover the location of it.
* if the hosting or joining site is behind a NAT, you may need to forward ports in the NAT.
* the 2 sites need to be on different logical subnets (e.g. different ranges of IPs, e.g. 192.168.0.x on one, and 192.168.1.x on another)


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