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Forum for all technical support and trouble shooting of the WinGate VPN.
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VPN Routing Problem

Mar 11 14 9:22 am

I have a VPN server with the proxy on it. I connect to this over the vpn from a client laptop in a different country so that web traffic from the laptop is routed via the server, This has worked for some time. I changed the external IP address of the server (got a new ISP) and also updated to the latest Wingate at both ends.
The VPN connects normally but Web request from the laptop give proxy is not responding.
I have tried using the proxy locally and that works. I can see the route to the proxy machine in the VPN routing table on the laptop.
Any suggestions as to the next thing to try.

Re: VPN Routing Problem

Mar 12 14 10:15 am


Did you change OS at the server end?

I'm wondering are you connecting to the internal interface on the proxy, or the external one?


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