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Totally new to everything. PLEASE HELP

Dec 15 16 11:09 pm

I downloaded WinGate 8 to my laptop as I was told I could use it to connect my mobile phone to the household internet.
Basically I had to connect the internet directly to the laptop for thie being because our Router is busted. I have FFTP so I've just used the ethernet cable to connect from the cable box to the laptop. Internet works great to the laptop but I'd like to be able to connect other devices to the internet around the home whilst the router is out of action. Now that I've got WinGate I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, and don't know how to connect any other device.
I'm the furthest thing from an IT guru that you'll ever meet so please use basic terminology.


Re: Totally new to everything. PLEASE HELP

Dec 30 16 9:18 am

Hi Liam

do you have a wifi access point? This is what you will need for the phone to join the local network (LAN). Once it's on the network, you have several options, you can use WinGate as the router instead of your busted router. The easiest way to do this is to enable the DHCP service in WinGate. (go to WinGate Management, WInGate > Control Panel > Services, and choose Install service, then pick DHCP service). Once that's installed, it will assign settings to your LAN devices (such as the phone).

The wifi access point should not have DHCP service enabled if it has one.


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