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Forum for all technical support and trouble shooting of the WinGate VPN.
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Wingate VPN & USB Network Card

Jun 16 17 3:48 am


I've got a station with a USB network card (DLink-1312) and the installation of Wingate block When it tries to install NetWork Drivers.

I trie a instalaltion without the card, it work. Howerver, i've got an unstable situation:
- The USB Network card doesnt work with DHCP.
- With fix IP, i tried a ping, it works the first time. After, nothing work, and the arp table is empty.

Does Wingate accept usb card?


PS/ Can you move the post to Wingate, i dont use Wingate VPN... Sorry
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Re: Wingate VPN & USB Network Card

Jun 16 17 6:21 pm

I found a temporary solution: desactivation the Wingate Driver in the Network card property's. After that, the card work properly.

Did someone test Wingate with a usb card?


Re: Wingate VPN & USB Network Card

Jun 16 17 7:40 pm

After a lot af test, the Wingate Network Driver must be installed to use Wingate VPN properly.

But, if i enable it on my usb card, everything goes wrong...

Please Help...

Re: Wingate VPN & USB Network Card

Jul 31 18 11:58 am


You can't use a USB network adapter with the WinGate Network driver unfortunately. Do you have an onboard NIC you can use?


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