Ignored / Local Conflict

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Ignored / Local Conflict

Postby Really Frustrated » Nov 17 06 5:20 pm

Everything was working fine, then, out of the blue, I start getting this... "Ignored / Local Conflict" after the ip address in the published routes.
Looking at the clients from the server I get "In Conflict"
Sometimes it happens after I have been connected and working for a few minutes.
Any help?
Really Frustrated
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Postby genie » Nov 17 06 7:05 pm

You have conflicted IP addresses on the network - like, for example, you have 192.168.2.x addresses on both sides.
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Postby Really Frustrated » Nov 17 06 8:16 pm

I don't think so. On the server side the IP's are 192.168.1.x
Client side machines are 192.168.0.x

At home I have 2 machines on a network on a router. Both have WINGateVPN installed and are set to access the VPN that is set up to access the office network. Could the problam be the 2 home computers trying to access through 1 IP, that being the router at home?
Really Frustrated
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Postby MattP » Feb 13 07 12:01 pm


Are you still having problems with the VPN?

If you're using two machines with the VPN installed on each of them then it should work fine, just make sure that they're both set to LOCAL MACHINE ONLY access.

Alternatively, remove the VPN from one of the machines and tell it to connect to the VPN through the other machine by way of adding a static route.

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