Licensing questions

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Licensing questions

Postby jegdijkstra » Nov 17 06 10:22 pm

I am planning to install Wingate VPN but before starting of I have have some licensing questions.

The network has a windows 2003 server with two Network connections. One for the internal network and the second connected to the internet. We want to be able to access the server from outside.
As simplified example: One user will connect from different locations (different machines) . This will never be at the same time.

1) Do I need a client license per machine, per user or per concurrent user?
2) Are the client licenses physically installed on the client machine or on the server.
3) If the client licenses are installed on a machine basis and the user becomes a new pc in future. Will it be possible to move to the new machine based on the existing license (uninstall on the old machine) or do we need a new client license in that case?

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Postby genie » Dec 04 06 6:06 pm

You need a license per connection point, so to speak - that is, if you want to use VPN functionality only, then you need a license for the server and a license for the joiner - 2 licenses only. Client machines do not need licenses.

If you re-install Wingate you can re-activate your old license with no trouble.
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