Accessing VPN Server after Connecting

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Accessing VPN Server after Connecting

Postby ccsoft » Sep 26 03 10:12 am


I have a VPN Server installation on an XP PRo machine. This is a stand alone machine with a DSL Connection. The QoS Packet Scheduler is not enabled.
The remote client can connect to the VPN and a tunnel is created, but we don't 'see' the machine itself. Where you see Microsoft Windows Network there isn't a + sign and nothing below.
We do not see the server in Windows Explorer either. But the strange thing is that we can connect to it if you go 'start -> run -> \\IP address'. And once you do that you can right click on a shared folder and map the drive.
But again you still do not see it in the VPN Network window nor through Windows Explorer.
Any idea what we're missing here?

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Postby adrien » Oct 04 03 5:42 pm

sounds like the name broadcasts are not being relayed properly across the VPN. Does the machine on the other end have any other interface than the one it connects to the Internet on?

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