Problems conecting to VPN Client from Network

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Problems conecting to VPN Client from Network

Postby pebbert9 » Jan 10 07 6:41 am

I have set up a VPN connection, both sides are using Wingate 6.2 .

The "client" can browse the network without problems, the network computers can see the client computer in the network browser, but cannot open it to see shares.
The Wingate host machine can browse the clients computer.

My network is using
The Client has a static IP of

The VPN host computer seems to have assigned to the client on the network.

If I look at the clients local network in Wingate's network tab ( under the Microdosfts Windows Network > Domain > Client Computer Name ) and look at the computer properties, I see an IP address of
I don't know where this address is coming from.

If I try to ping the clients computer name from the network, it goes to and then times out.

It seems to be a routing problem, but I'm not sure how to solve it.

Thanks, Phil
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Postby pebbert9 » Jan 10 07 7:27 am

I have installed the RIPv2 client on a computer on the network, still can't browse the VPN client computer.
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Postby adrien » Jan 10 07 4:47 pm


Have you tried pinging the remote machine by its IP address?

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Postby pebbert9 » Jan 12 07 9:24 pm

My connection is now working, here were my problems for others.

If your computer was previosly connected directly to the Windows domain network and then remotely connected with Wingate VPN, the computer shows up in the network browser, but with the IP address of the previous connection, not the VPN connection.

I finally realized that I wasn't logged into the domain, even though I could access other computers on the network, and the Wingate host VPN machine could access my shares.

I found another post that stated you need to log off and log back on the client computer after the VPN connection is established to log into the domain correctly.

After I did this, my computer is now accessible by the other computers in the network.
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