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Postby myaflb » Feb 07 07 4:18 pm

I purchase:
WinGate VPN 2.x gateway license for 3 computer LAN
I´ve installed on the host, and when installation ask me for the license, i wrote the license that qbik send to me. OK
But, when i install wingate at home (joiner), wingate tell me that the license is already activated.
I installed with a trial license, for testing, but now has espired.
What is wrong?
I need another license for the joiner pc?
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Postby jamesc » Feb 08 07 2:28 pm

A Gateway license for a 3 computer LAN means that that WinGate installation is licensed to allow connection to three computers on that LAN at any one time. So for home you will either need a single user license, or a gateway license if you want your home network to also participate in the VPN.

For more information please see this FAQ:
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