shared file via VPN connection

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shared file via VPN connection

Postby Lampie » Feb 16 07 9:52 am

Would like to ask some help.
Have my VPN up and running, showing me the LAN on my server to the client computer. My question is the following: How can I connect a shared file on my server to a program that I am running on my client.
In a LAN it is very simple, via the VPN connection (the server and client are on different locations) I have no glue.
Any help will be very much appreciated.

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Postby MattP » Feb 16 07 2:30 pm

Hi Gert,

You would do this in exactly the same way as you would for any machine on the local LAN, just find the folder in Windows explorer and map the drive.

The remote side of the VPN should show up in your network neighbourhood.


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