Make my own rules fro NetPatrol

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Make my own rules fro NetPatrol

Postby Joakim » Nov 27 04 12:15 am

Hi there,

I am a newbie within NetPatrol.
I wonder if I could make my own rules for NetPatrol. I really do not know how to do that, if its possible.

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Postby genie » Nov 29 04 12:27 am


My appologies for late reply. You can create your own rules and, moreover, it would benefit you greately because the current NetPatrol rulebase is very generic and often does not reflect (or over-reflect, so to speak) real customers' needs.

Rules are stored in the text files with .rules extension. I would suggest that you create your own rule file (rathjer than changing the existing files) and include it in NetPatrol.rules file using incude directive:
include "myfile.rules"

The full grammar for NetPatrol rules is in the document file. However, since it's relatevely complex thing, I would be more than happy to help you constructing your rules - just drop me a message if you get stuck somewhere.
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