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Cannot remove Visnetics Antivirus

Apr 27 04 10:52 pm

Frequently WinGate complains about a timed out plugin registration of Visnetics Antivirus. I don't need it and I would like to remove it. But the uninstall with "Add Remove Programs" did not work. So I removed it with the Registry tool "TuneUp". Now it is disappeared from the Program list, but it's still loaded after booting up. And it is still within the plugin section of WinGate. How can I rewmove it comlpetely?


Oct 08 04 3:41 am

thought i would bump this post as it never got a reply and i am struggling with the same problem.

Keep getting alerts that visnetic has expired, even tho i have uninstalled it and it is not a loaded plugin anymore.

Any suggestions? As at the moment i ahve jsut turned the wingate messages off which cant be the best solution :)

Oct 08 04 9:21 am

The Visnetic plugin is managed by Deerfield. For a variety of reasons we have to keep shipping the DLL to provide backwards compatibility for customers using it currently. However, to prevent WinGate from using it remove the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Qbik Software\WinGate\Data Scanning Plugins\Installed\Antivirus

That is the registry key for VisNetic Antivirus. If you remove that, WinGate will not see / attempt to use it. If you ever wish to re-use that plugin you will need to add that registry key again.

NOTE: All warnings on editing the registry applies. You need to be sure you have an appropriate backup / system restore point before making any changes.
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