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AV Protection for Email?

Jul 11 07 5:21 am

I am using a non WG email server inside my network. I have port forwarding sending port 25 and 110 traffic to my email server. Does the Kaspersky plugin sniff that data forwarded to the email server, thus protecting email traffic?

Jul 11 07 8:03 am

You only get the KAV protection if you run the traffic through a service - Proxy, SMTP, etc.

You could set up the WinGate SMTP server to receive the email, do all the virus checking and then pass it on to your email server.

Jul 11 07 8:42 am

Would you please let me know how I might do that?

Jul 11 07 8:49 am

Go to the WinGate forum page and click on the Mail sticky near the top.
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