host computer "horsepower" to run Kaspersky transp

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host computer "horsepower" to run Kaspersky transp

Postby PoorJohn » Jan 27 08 6:41 pm

I've just added Kaspersky to this 3-person family network and there's a noticeable impact on performance. The server is a modest 1.2GHz machine - it used to not have much of anything to do.

Besides pages loading more slowly than previously, somewhat frequently an attempt to access a web page results in a white page with just a line at the top mentioning Kaspersky and linking WinGate. Refresh almost always loads the page. (It happened just now when I clicked "preview" for this.)

Obviously performance requirements are tied to user demand and I can't usefully quantify them. Imprecisely, there are three users (at most) who access the Internet for normal family business - checking Google News, reading a forum. Not much in the way of significant downloads in the brief period since I've installed it. We enjoy about 1MB/sec of download capability but probably have only used the more typical 200kB/sec in this interval. With those vague parameters in mind, what level of hardware is recommended?
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