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Manually scanning files w/ KAV plug-in for WG.

Nov 16 04 6:34 am


After having paid for and installed the Kaspersky AV plug-in for a Windows 2K Server machine (i.e. this is not a trial version), I can't figure out how to manually scan files. There is no Explorer shell extension, so I can't right click on a drive, directory or file and choose something like "Scan for virus," like you can do with McAfee. I can't find any application (.exe) to run.

How do you do this?



Nov 16 04 7:49 am

Hi Mike

When you open the KAV for WinGate plugin, you need to open the KAV plugin inside Gatekeeper. From this dialog select the Quick Scan tab and the rest is fairly straight forward. You just need to select a drive or file to scan or browse for a particular location.

Because Kaspersky Antivirus for WinGate plugin is designed to work within WinGate you wont find the manual scan option available with an explorer shell extension. However you can do all required manual scanning inside GateKeeper as mentioned above.

Hope this helps


Nov 16 04 9:03 am

Yes. This should help. Thanks. Did I miss this, or is there NO documentation.


Nov 16 04 10:03 am

If you go the plugin configuration, as Erwin suggested. Open the user interface for it - bottom left corner there is a "Help" button. Clicking that opens context sensitive help for the appropriate pages.

The help file is installed to (Depending on where you installed WinGate)

C:\Program Files\WinGate\Plugins\Kaspersky AntiVirus\kav.hlp
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