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Quick Scan - Clean File/Folder

Nov 17 04 7:30 pm

One of the quick scan options is to clean the file/folder. What does this do?

What is a "broken file"?

What are "unknown errors"?

These terms are used, but not defined, in the help file.



Nov 18 04 9:49 am

"Clean file/folder" attempts to clean any infected files it finds. If a file cannot be cleaned, it will be marked as such and you can then take appropriate action.

A broken file/archive/etc. are files that you would normally not be able to run. This includes corrupted zip files, etc. The documentation from Kaspersky says:

Kaspersky wrote:To use redundant scanning, for search of viruses in the damaged and spoiled files. Slows down process of scanning many times over. It is not recommended to use.

Unknown errors occur when the virus libraries returns to us and gives an error code that is not known. This could be because the file was in use at the time, etc. but essentially means we were unable to verify that file.

Nov 18 04 10:15 am

Well, I got about 13 "unknown errors" (out of thousands of files I guess that's not so bad), but what do I do about them?

Also, KAV doesn't appear to produce a log of what it finds. If you close that dialog box all the findings are gone. You have re-run the scan (hours and hours and hours ...). It would be nice if created just a simple .log file or something.



Nov 18 04 10:28 am

What you do with them depends on the files it is. If it is something like your pagefile.sys, you can safely ignore it, etc.

No, it does not provide a log. We do have some additional features in our new version (In testing) and that's one of them.
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