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Forum for support for the Kaspersky AntiVirus for WinGate plugin
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KAV Stops Scan POP3 Proxy service

Nov 22 04 3:34 am

I recently buy Wingate & karspesky antivirus plug-in for wingate, but in the started time the wingate & KAV was filtred the pop3 protocol and all the recived messages, after some time the KAV & wingate do not scan any mail from any direction, i was reninstalled the two instances, was be updated the KAV but never was be scaned the pop3 proxy service and any e-mail, what's wrong?

please i prefere spanish support

Nov 23 04 8:32 am

Are you getting an error messages at all? Can you see that the traffic is going through the proxy properly?

no hav eerrors

Nov 23 04 8:34 am

the wingate and kaspersky antovirus do not report any error or problem, no have port conflict, nathing. only the kaspersky not scan the port pop3, if i send from external mail, a virus it pass on, (example planed with the netsky.p virus)

Nov 23 04 8:37 am

Okay, first step to check would be the date of your current antivirus bases. If you open the plugin-configuration and open Kaspersky AntiVirus you should be able to see all the Last Update Date for the antivirus database.

On the next tab you will find the scanning options. What are they set to?

Then, double check that the plugin is enabled for the service. Go into the Service and switch to the plugin tab. Ensure that the plugin is listed there and is checked.

Cheking on

Nov 23 04 3:39 pm

The lastes virus data files are downloaded
the kaspersky virus engine is the lastest, the wingate is 6.x but i was work whit the 5.x so fine,
i was reinstalled the kaspersky , the wingate, the options are correct in the plug-in and in the service

are cheked mail & plain mail chek
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