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How can I download zip file with password?

Jul 05 05 3:35 pm

I have downloaded file with password in zip file. But wingate
told me that I cannot download this file. Do I have to set
any configurations to make this thing work?

Jul 06 05 11:01 am

You shouldn't do, what is the error that you're seeing?

Jul 11 05 10:37 pm

I can download file that has length 116 bytes with this
message in the file...
"<P>Kaspersky AV for WinGate<P>Data stream <B>(http://us.f315.mail.yahoo.com/ym/ShowLetter/)</B> has NOT been scanned"

I need to download encrypted file from internet because
I share my encrypted files with my colleagues.

Jul 20 05 1:12 pm


We tested this here and we had no problems with scanning password protected zip files with KAV.

Is it all zipped password-protected files, or just those that you download from that location?

Jul 20 05 2:16 pm

Whilst this is a less than ideal solution you have two workarounds.

As Matt is suggesting, if the files are coming from one location you can setup a custom override to ignore files from that location.

Another, slightly less ideal, option is to allow anything that returns a "NOT SCANNED" response. This can be done in the custom response section.

Jul 20 05 10:41 pm

I don't know why this didn't happen at your site.
For more information
1. I forgot to tell you that I use winzip 9.0 with high encryption
2. I have problems with all password protected zip files
3. I download this file from yahoo mail. I don't need to setup
a custom .zip override to ignore files from yahoo mail.

Jul 20 05 11:24 pm

What options do you have on for the plugin?
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