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Forum for support for the Kaspersky AntiVirus for WinGate plugin
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install KAV cause of disabling history of Wingate ?

Aug 09 05 2:49 am

i install kav last version
i reboot my computer and the history of wingate is empty, no event are captured !!!
i retry with another clean computer before install KAV the history works, just after it didn't
have you a solution to re enable the history log ?

precision about my config
proxy : XP SP2 system (with internal firewall disabled)
Wingate 6.0.4
KAV 1.22
client : XP and W2K (no WG client)
fixed IP
most utilisation of 3 services : WWW, POP3 and SMTP
test of install KAV on differnet computer : XP, XP SP2, W2K

Aug 09 05 9:01 am

Hm, sounds like the history file may have become corrupted, please stop the WinGate engine and delete the two history files from the WinGate directory. Now restart the engine, is history working?

Problem solved

Aug 10 05 3:25 am

Effectivly it was corrupted history files, i deleted them and history come back ...
But the installation of KAV corrupt systematicaly these files !
Thank's for the solution.

Kaspersky and the new Trojan.Tooso.K virus

Aug 11 05 10:30 pm


I have received copies of this virus, it comes as an attachment called legs.zip or kitten.zip.

Kaspersky has let the email through but if I use Kaspersky to scan the .msg file in the sent folder it recognises the file as infected.

Could the virus be defeating or corrupting Kaspersky?



Previous post in wrong place

Aug 11 05 10:52 pm


Sorry, I posted the provious message wrongly.


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